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June 2, 2018
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The research team lead by the Project Leader of this proposal have developed GNSS buoy for monitoring tsunami at coastal area. Given the success of preliminary experiment of precise measurements of sea-surface heights at far offshore, this research plan is proposed, in which we try to conduct operational experiments for high accurate real-time monitoring of sea-surface height measurements at far offshore. In addition, we tackle a new experiment of continuous measurements of ocean-bottom crustal movements using GNSS-acoustic system using the same GNSS buoy. If this experiment is successful, the GNSS buoy system will open a new era of exploring continuous observation of ocean-floor, which will lead to bring us detailed information on inter-plate coupling and its temporal change, process of slow slip events, etc. Moreover, as the GNSS buoy data will be utilized to monitoring troposphere and ionosphere, deployments of GNSS buoy array in the ocean will be a powerful infrastructure for a synthetic disaster mitigation technology.

If this project will end with a full of success, then our goal would be to construct an ocean wide GNSS buoy array. We are planning to design such an GNSS buoy array in the western Pacific as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 Our conception of array of GNSS buoy in the area of West Pacific Ocean.

Fishery buoy operated by Kochi Prefecture